How to grab parental attention on the playground…

School noticeboard for parents

School noticeboard for parents

This cute little delivery truck is designed to help grab busy parents’ attention while they’re waiting to collect their children at school. It will be added to a large, neglected noticeboard near the playground. Another photo below shows the truck in situ. The notices for parents are pinned up on the right side of the truck as if they’ve fallen out the back. Every so often I will paint a replacement picture so the noticeboard will become a more dynamic and interesting place.

Unfortunately the noticeboard has a large piece of scratched old Perspex which catches the glare and the dirt, but the effect is still much better than before. Even if the little red truck doesn’t automatically grab adults’ attention, hopefully students will point it out to their parents!

Making the school noticeboard a more interesting place...

Making the school noticeboard a more interesting place…

Noticeboard truck 002

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